Eco Extreme Waterproof Speaker Case Review

Eco Extreme Waterproof Speaker Case Review



These days many people use a relatively expensive iPhone or iPod to keep their music. If you’re playing at beach, hiking out in the wild, swimming with your pool, camping inside the desert, working inside your garage, or laboring with a construction site, you may not want your expensive electronics vulnerable to damage from water, sand, dirt, grease, or shock. GeekAlerts looks into one solution with this Eco Extreme Waterproof Speaker Case Review.  The Eco Extreme from Grace Digital Audio is exactly what they call a “rugged all terrain speaker case.” With a very solid plastic and rubber construction, this speaker case does indeed feel extremely rugged. Apart from the sturdy armor offered by the rubberized protective coating, the economic design can also be very attractive. While the review model Grace Digital Audio sent us was at their Cobalt Blue color, there are a range of other colors available including Jet Black, Petal Pink, Lime Green, Orange Peel, and Lemon Zest. The Eco Extreme speaker case is powered.

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Waterproof speakers

Waterproof Speakers Reviews! These are simply a set of waterproof speakers that you can take to the shower with you. The speakers are usually attached to the bathroom wall using mounting brackets or suction cups. In some instances, the speakers are simply suspended over the shower faucet using a rope that can be adjusted to hold them in place. Most of these speakers are controlled by a portable MP3 player or an Ipod. Since the speakers are portable, they do not require permanent installation. Their portability makes it possible to carry them to a business trip or holiday. They also happen to be relatively easy to clean.

Waterproof iPod Shuffle and Waterproof iPod Cases

Need to get wet with your iPod? Put it inside a waterproof iPod case and hit the water. You use your Apple iPod for just about everything, from entertainment to taking pictures. Now you don’t have to leave it behind when your getting ready to go to the beach or paddling down the river.

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Aquasonic Waterproof Headphones


Underwater Audio Review: For those who want good sound fidelity, ease of use and a headphone that stays put! These waterproof headphones by Aquasonic are great for all water sports. The one piece design means they are easy to get on and off. We think the sound quality is really good due to the noise isolating technology and placement of the speakers. We love that you can use this as a short cord headphone when wearing on goggles or head gear, or you can add the extension cable for a more traditional length.

Overall, a good option for those who need a waterproof headphone for sports beyond lap swimming and is good for water sports like paddleboarding, kayaking and surfing. Lightweight Aquasonic headphones are a one-piece, sports style earbud that is great for all around use. Secure fit combined with easy on-off makes these perfect for sports like kayaking, surfing and paddle-boarding.

Looking for something else? Check out these options:
Swimbuds Long Cord Waterproof Headphones – designed for swimmers!
Swimbuds Short Cord Waterproof Headphoness designed for flip turns!

Not sure which headphones are good for you?
Check out our Compare Waterproof Heapdhones page.

Want to bundle these headphones with a waterproof iPod? Check out our bundles and save!

Want to bundle these headphones with a waterproof iPod? Check out our waterproof iPod bundles and save!

Compatible with most music players, including iPods.

Available in Black.

What you get:

  • One pair of 100% Waterproof Aquasonic Headphones*
  • 3 sets of different sized earplugs for a more personalized fit
  • 1 extension cable to lengthen headphone cord
  • Hours of underwater audio listening

* For safety reasons, these and all headphones that create a tight seal should not be used below 10 feet.

Waterproof iPod Shuffle


Underwater Audio’s waterproof iPod shuffle will go with you from land to sea and everywhere in between. Designed for swimmers, water lovers, and runners in the rain, this sleek and lightweight music player has all the features of the latest 2GB iPod Shuffle, with the added bonus of being waterproof! Underwater Audio uses a proprietary process that is unique to the industry to waterproof your iPod from the inside out, giving you a 100% watertight music player.

When we started searching for waterproof headphones, we couldn’t find anything on the market that worked for swimmers. Finally, Swimbuds extra-short cord waterproof headphones arrived on the scene. These headphones stay in your ears while you swim and don’t have a long cord that gets tangled and becomes difficult to manage. What if you want to use your iPod for activities other than swimming laps? What if you don’t need headphones designed specifically for flip turns every time you use your waterproof iPod? Enter Aquasonic waterproof headphones. These wrap-around headphones have better sound quality and slip right onto your head. The good news? With Underwater Audio, we give you both brands of headphones with our brand new Waterproof iPod Mega Bundle. Talk about a great deal! The Aquasonic Waterproof iPod Bundle and the Swimbuds Waterproof iPod Bundle are also available.

Why waterproof Apple’s iPod Shuffle?

  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Hundreds of songs
  • Long battery life
  • Strong clip keeps it attached
  • Small and drag free
  • Control your music with just a click
  • Voice Over feature allows you to navigate while keeping your eyes on your sport

The waterproofing process that Underwater Audio uses to waterproof iPod Shuffles is specifically designed to exceed everything available in the industry today. Do you want to know what makes us different from the competition? Read our Truly Waterproof iPod Shufflearticle. Do you have questions about how to wear the waterproof iPod? Read our instructions for wearing the waterproof iPod.

What you get:

  • Genuine Apple iPod shuffle (4th generation, 2GB) waterproofed by Underwater Audio
  • Original Apple USB cable and earbuds
  • Full warranty on iPod against manufacture’s defects
  • Does not include waterproof headphones